Leisure Acres of Wyoming

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Leisure Acres of Wyoming, Inc.

Leisure Acres of Wyoming, Incorporated is a unique, peaceful, well established Co-operative Senior Community, consisting of 97 units, conveniently located in Wyoming, on Clyde Park Avenue, SW, just south of Burton Street at Belfield Street, SW.

Leisure Acres of Wyoming

With easily accessed “on” and “off” ramps at both Burton Street and south at 28th Street onto the US 131 Expressway, getting around town is easy. Not only is the Central Business District just minutes away, there’s easily accessible shopping on 28th Street. A variety of restaurants are located on 28th Street and grocery shopping is close, as is Rogers Plaza Mall. The unique Wyoming Senior Center is located on DeHoop Avenue across from Wyoming’s spacious Pinery Park.

Leisure Acres of Wyoming is incorporated in the State of Michigan, and its shareholders are the residents of the complex. The Shareholders elect a Board of Directors to effect the routine operation and maintenance of the community.

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When a senior individual or couple purchase a share, the Shareholder is entitled to a Proprietary Lease. The modest Service (maintenance) Fees pay for virtually all necessary services: Heat, electric, water and sewer. Leisure Acres pays your property taxes, maintains exteriors of buildings, cares for lawns, clears away snow, and removes trash weekly. Free laundry facilities are available in all buildings. You pay for telephone and/or cable (optional).

For many years the purchase of a share of Leisure Acres stock was on a CASH ONLY basis. The Board of Directors proposed to Shareholders other means of buying a home in Leisure Acres, which is now approved by the Shareholders.

With a down payment, a share can now be purchased on a Promissory Note. Monthly Service (maintenance) Fees and a monthly note payment can be combined into one single, convenient payment. When the sale is closed, Leisure Acres extends the new resident a lease pending repayment of the Promissory Note. On the note’s full repayment, the resident becomes a Shareholder with voting privileges and a Forty (40) year Proprietary Lease. Another available choice: A Lease with an Option to Buy might work better for you.

In the majority of instances, you, as buyer, will negotiate with the seller (a Shareholder) the final purchase price of the share and the terms of the Promissory Note. Occasionally, there will be a realtor as an intermediary, as several Shareholders have retained a real estate professional for assistance. Closings are performed here at Leisure Acres for a low $100.00 fee.

Consider this opportunity to live with ease in a friendly community for a modest investment. Live free of worry about mowing and shoveling. Relax and enjoy the comfort you’ve earned and so richly deserve.